How does Jocko Willink define success and life?
Military service

U.S. Navy seal veteran

Jocko spent 20 years in the SEAL Teams, rising from Enlisted status to Commander of SEAL Team Three. His platoon, Task Unit Bruiser, was the most highly decorated special operations unit of the Iraq war. He is the recipient of the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and numerous other personal and unit awards. During his time in the Navy, Jocko opened a Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and CrossFit gym: Victory MMA and Fitness.
Executive Leader

Leadership Coach & Author

After retiring from the military in 2010, Jocko co-founded Echelon Front, where he teaches the leadership principles he learned in combat to help others lead and win. Jocko co-authored the book "Extreme Ownership" in 2015, which became a #1 NYT Bestseller.
Host of

The Jocko Podcast

In 2015, he started the Jocko Podcast, where he continues to teach and examine principles of leadership and strategy in history, battle, business, and personal relationships.
Founder of


Jocko only wanted to make supplements if they would be as clean and healthy as possible. Years ago, an article came out that a particular supplement he was taking had excessive heavy metals in it - he and his kids would drink it every day. When given the chance to get into the supplement game, Jocko used this experience to lay the groundwork for Jocko Fuel. Clean nutrition made from only what you need - none of what you don't. Hold the line on quality - always.