How We Define

Clean Fuel

The nutrients you need feed the machine – to discipline your body, to free your mind, to keep going, and never quit. You can survive on low-grade, nutrient-deficient fuel, but you'll feel the difference. In poor performance. In poor health. Clean fuel is made of the best raw ingredients and created to the highest standards. Incorporating only the good stuff. None of the bad. Restraint over excess.
The Problem With

Other Fuel

Products aren't always as clean as they seem: energy drinks full of chemicals and sugar, protein drinks packed with heavy metals. Even labels don't always tell the whole story: ineffective vanity ingredients and proprietary blends that inflate health claims. We pledged to develop best-in-class products that truly raise the standard because integrity is our most important ingredient.
No Fillers
No Vanity ingredients
no banned substances
Transparent Labels
Third party tested
Science-Backed ingredients
Efficacious Dosing
natural flavors and sweeteners

Quality & Sourcing

We source ingredients from all over the globe and choose suppliers by the quality of their stock. We then partner with a select roster of CGMP and FDA-licensed manufacturers to ensure quality and efficacy. We also:
Use What Is Proven

not what's trending, to inform our decisions and the ingredients we use. Our formulations are rooted in careful consideration of the best and most current evidence - critical literature and testing.

Enlist Third Party Labs

to verify our claims and specifications are accurate and true. We even conduct pre-production screening: when raw materials come into our facility, a third-party lab verifies each ingredient as authentic and pure.

Archive Batches

of each product we sample and test to ensure product consistency of smell, taste, texture, color, and performance.

Use What Is Proven
Enlist Third Party Labs
Archive Batches
In Pursuit of

Better-for-you Alternatives

Easier is rarely better: It’s central to how Jocko lives his life, and it’s a principle we follow - the core-deep truth of what makes us different, better than our competitors. We choose to use natural flavors and sweeteners. We choose to source ingredients based on purity and quality, not trends. We choose to make promises, not claims. Because it’s the hard way, the right way - innovation driven by ethics and character. It’s who we are.