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Get in the Zone

Brain Power Breakdown

Jocko Fuel Brain Power

Untap your potential with our new nootropic supplement to sharpen your focus, supercharge your energy, and elevate your mood. We’re talking about a brain boost that’ll enable you to process information with clarity, maintain a sustained focus during your daily tasks, and have the motivation and alertness to push through a tough workout. 

Brain Power combines alkaloids, adaptogens, and naturally occurring compounds to fuel heightened clarity and deliver clean energy throughout the day. Our precisely dosed active ingredients stimulate communication between brain cells to cut through brain fog and promote mental processing.   

Other formulas bring you to a temporary peak, followed by a sharp comedown. Ours doesn't. We combined ingredients with varying half-lives to get you in the zone and keep you there, maximizing productivity and staying motivated. 

Here’s exactly what’s in Brain Power: 

Alpha GPC – Increases the release of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter, improving learning and memory functions. 

Choline – Enhances memory, stimulates mood-associated neurotransmitters, and lowers the risk of muscle damage. 

Citicoline – Boosts dopamine and norepinephrine levels, providing neuroprotection in hypoxia, addressing memory loss, and supporting overall brain function. 

L-Theanine – Improves mood, supports restorative sleep, and relieves stress to promote a calm and relaxed state of mind. 

Methylliberine (Dynamine) - Enhances feelings of energy, concentration, motivation, and mood. 

Rhodiola – Stimulates the nervous system to ease fatigue and depression, combat stress, and reduce muscle damage post-exercise. 

Theacrine – Naturally occurring stimulant similar to caffeine to power the body and support dopamine levels. 

Theobromine – Works with theacrine to elevate dopamine levels for a mood-boosting effect and enhance cognitive function.   

Brain Power Benefits 

  • Boost productivity. 
  • Prioritize responsibilities and execute.
  • Stay disciplined, motivated, and focused. 
  • Intensify concentration. 
  • Elevate cognitive function for sharper mental acuity. 
  • Experience a mood boost. 
  • Increase mental stamina for enduring performance. 
  • Maximize daily productivity levels. 
  • Fortify memory support and ensure lasting brain health. 
  • Combat brain fog. 
  • Counter stress. 

Day 1 Impact 

While many nootropics require extended usage—upwards of 60-90 days—to manifest effects, Brain Power operates on a different timeline. Formulated with ingredients that kick in right away, there is no waiting. Get in the zone and experience the benefits from the outset. Brain Power is for those who want results now. 

Each ingredient meticulously selected and dosed comes together to sharpen your cognitive abilities and propel you through your day. Brain Power doesn’t just promise benefits but delivers on day one. It’s your sustainable source of energy. No jitters. No crash. Just pure fuel, ready to conquer.