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What are Nootropics?

Nootropics 101

Jocko Fuel Nootroptrics 101

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers engineered to meet the demands of your lifestyle. These brain-boosting supplements give you an edge, helping you navigate challenges with next-level focus, memory, and overall cognition.  

Imagine a typical workday with high demands, where concentration is critical. Afterward, you hit the gym or go for a run. Nootropics optimize your mental performance to maintain sustained focus during the day and provide the extra drive and stamina to finish strong. 

In the 1970s, the term "nootropics" was introduced to describe compounds that activated cognitive functions like creativity and learning. Also known as "smart drugs," nootropics are substances that ramp up mental performance and overall brain function. Nootropics are also the secret weapon to help you: 

  • Be more productive 
  • Feel more motivated 
  • Tackle high-priority tasks and projects 
  • Fight distractions and brain fog 
  • Enter a relaxed state of focus 
  • Execute your goals 
  • Get more from your day 
  • Boost your mood 

How do Nootropics Work? 

Nootropics combat stress and optimize the brain's oxygen and glucose supply, shielding the brain from stress-related oxidative damage. Certain nootropics help eliminate oxygen free radicals and boost red blood cell flexibility, improving blood flow to the brain.  

Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter in our nervous system, is at the core of every task – reading, scrolling with your finger, lifting weights, etc. Nootropics like Alpha-GPC and Citicoline help with the synthesis of acetylcholine, thus aiding focus, memory, and mental clarity.    

Responsible Use of Nootropics 

Nootropics are a game-changer in your fitness or wellness routine, but it's crucial to approach their usage with mindfulness. Follow these no-nonsense principles for responsible nootropic use: 

  •  Educate Yourself 

Knowledge is your ally. Research the specific nootropic you intend to use and grasp its functions, potential side effects, and proper dosage. But don’t believe everything you read; make sure to get your information from a validated, reputable source like the National Library of Medicine. Ignorance is not an option. 

  • Start Slow and Monitor 

No need for speed. Kick-off with a low dose; let your body speak. Nootropics aren't instant magic. Resist the urge to increase doses hastily and adjust after monitoring yourself.  

  • Respect Recommended Dosages 

Follow recommended dosage guidelines. Excessive doses won’t multiply its cognitive benefits but can lead to adverse effects. There aren’t shortcuts. 

  • Understand Individual Variability 

We’re not all the same. Genetics, overall health, and lifestyle can influence their efficacy. Be patient and give your body time to adapt. 

  • Stay Hydrated and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle 

Nootropics aren't superheroes. They work best when you're in sync with a healthy lifestyle. Hydrate, eat right, hit the gym, and get sleep.  

  •  Listen to Your Body 

Your body talks; you need to listen. If something feels off, stop and seek professional advice. Your well-being comes first—always. 

Responsible nootropic use is a power play. It's about smart choices, self-awareness, and a full-on commitment to your health.   

Types of Nootropics 

There are a variety of nootropics capable of powering your body and mind for ultimate progress. These are a few of our favorites:   

Alpha GPC: Enhances memory, learning functions, and the synthesis of acetylcholine, the central neurotransmitter in brain function, memory, and learning.   

Citicoline: Boosts brain performance, reduces memory degradation, and helps synthesize phosphatidylcholine, a key component of the brain cell membrane shown to enhance cognitive function.  

Rhodiola: Stimulates the nervous system, reduces anxiety, enhances work performance, relieves fatigue, and supports stamina. Studies also show it improves short-term memory, concentration, associative thinking, and more.  

Methylliberine (Dynamine™): Increases energy levels, motivation, and concentration. With a molecular structure similar to caffeine and theacrine, they share some effects but have a faster onset and shorter duration of action.  

Theobromine: Improves mood and cognition and acts as a mild stimulant for a longer-lasting energy boost without the jittery effects. 

L-Theanine: Improves attention, working memory, and executive functions. When combined with caffeine it can counteract the jittery effects while preserving its benefits. 

Some other nootropics to take note of include ashwagandha, ginseng, choline, ginkgo, and modafinil.

The ammunition you need 

Nootropics offer a strategic boost to take on the day and conquer your mental barriers. Introducing nootropics to your diet is a strategic move for those unafraid to push boundaries and discover what they can do. Don’t settle. Demand more.