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Why Jocko Fuel?

Whether you're trying to get stronger, faster, smarter, healthier, or just better... Jocko Fuel is here to help you move down the path.

Our Standards

Rigorously Tested

We raise the standard. Quality and efficacy are critical to delivering on our promise. All of our products are tested at every stage of development.

Made With Purpose

Everything we make starts with a need. Every formula is science-backed and clinically dosed. We don’t use vanity ingredients or doses - something many brands do to inflate label claims.

The Best Raw Ingredients

Selected for the highest purity, potency, and quality. We don't add it if it doesn’t benefit you legitimately and significantly.

Rigorously Tested
Made With Purpose
The Best Raw Ingredients

Made by Jocko. Trusted by the Pros.

Chris Pratt
Actor & Part Owner of Jocko Fuel
Bo Nickal
Undefeated UFC Fighter & Jocko Fuel Athlete
Jason Khalipa
Crossfit Games Champion & Jocko Fuel Athlete
Riley Tejcek
U.S. Marine Captain, Team USA Bobsledder, & Jocko Fuel Athlete
Kade Ruotolo
Jiu Jitsu Champion & Jocko Fuel Athlete
Tye Ruotolo
Jiu Jitsu Champion & Jocko Fuel Athlete

10,000+ 5 Star Reviews

Real reviews from real customers

Two bottles in and seeing crazy changes. Same high protein diet, same workout, and after taking this I’ve seen the body take the next step as I near 40 years old. Great stuff

- Jason B.

Combat Tested 2.0

Can not recommend this product enough. No crash but still enough caffeine for a boost also zero sugar.

- Cody S.

Jocko Go Drinks

Molk is by far the best protein I’ve tried. Great flavor, mixes well, and good consistency.

- Rob H.

Molk Protein Powder

Hands down the best greens I've ever tried! They have just the right mixture of greens and the sweet taste! Doesn't taste like grass, and you can feel the energy it gives you!

- Sami O.

flavor:Pineapple Coconut
Jocko Greens

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